Lawyers from HANTON law firm guests of podcast for

Lawyers from HANTON law firm guests of podcast for

Lawyers from the HANTON law firm were guests of a podcast for published as part of a series aimed at introducing viewers to the most important information on technology storage facilities, including energy storage.

Lukasz Dziamski, attorney at law, and Agata Łasowska-Grzyb touched on procedural issues related to the installation of energy storage, use and disposal of energy storage, explaining what to know before purchasing an energy storage.

The experts mainly answered the questions:

  1. Who can buy an energy storage facility;
  2. What legal obligations the energy storage owner faces;
  3. Whether the type of energy storage affects the number of obligations that the energy storage owner is charged with;
  4. On whom are the obligations related to the disposal of energy storage.

The starting point for the discussion was to determine the purpose of the energy storage facility and the laws that will provide the relevant framework and possible restrictions on the construction, connection and use of the energy storage facility. Next, attorney Luke Dziamski explained the procedure involved in locating, planting, using and disposing of an energy storage facility, and pointed out what factors determine which laws and when they will apply. This is because, depending on how the energy storage facility is classified, where it is built and what materials are used, other obligations will be imposed on the owner (or, respectively, the user) of the energy storage facility.

Attorney Agata Łasowska-Grzyb summarized the important regulatory obligations incumbent on the investor related to obtaining a license for energy storage, making an entry in the register of energy storage and, respectively, making a notification of energy storage, as well as touched on the topic related to obtaining connection conditions for energy storage.

Those interested in the issue are encouraged to read the full recording available at:

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