We consider ourselves experts within the field of selected markets and sectors. We know them perfectly, building the knowledge and experience that we use to provide professional legal services to our Clients for several years. Legal support for entities operating on regulated markets and specialized businesses is an integral part of daily operations.


As part of selected markets and sectors,we provide legal services in specific areas of law which we consider to be our specializations. Opinions, analyzes, negotiations, agreements or conduct of proceedings - we approach our Clients' projects and their needs comprehensively.

Corporate law

The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the field of corporate law. HANTON provides legal assistance related to corporate services for commercial companies, their bodies as well as their partners and shareholders. We provide services to associations and foundations at every stage of their operation. HANTON supports its Clients in the preparation of the necessary corporate documents, including draft agreements, articles of association and various types of agreements between partners or shareholders.

Railway law

Railway law constitutes one of the main areas of HANTON's operation which supports both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs from the railway services sector. The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal assistance in the field of railway law, including preparing the necessary documentation and representing Clients in proceedings pending before the President of the Office of Rail Transport [PL: Prezes Urzędu Transportu Kolejowego] as well as before other national and local government offices, preparing analyzes, legal opinions and other documents in the field of broadly understood railway law.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

HANTON offers its Clients comprehensive legal services in the field of business restructuring as well as in the field of bankruptcy and restructuring procedures. The Law Firm represents its Clients at every stage of the proceedings. We advise on broadly understood restructuring and optimization processes which include both capital and debt restructuring.

Energy law

The Law Firm provides legal services in all matters relating to the energy market. HANTON specializes in cases conducted in the field of conventional power generation, gas, liquid fuels, heat engineering and renewable energy sources. HANTON provides comprehensive legal services for energy companies, ranging from obtaining a license, supporting in the processes of starting licensed operation, to providing energy companies with ongoing legal services on the regulated energy market and supporting them during innovative projects for their further development.

Mergers and acquisitions

The Law Firm supports Clients during the implementation of their business goals and development strategies, plans for mergers and acquisitions, creating or reorganizing capital structures and solving conflicts within the organization. HANTON provides comprehensive legal assistance in the process of mergers, divisions and transformations of companies, taking into account tax and organizational conditions and advises on the selection of the optimal form of business as well as during the process of establishing relationships.

Legal audits

HANTON provides its Clients with legal services consisting of conducting comprehensive legal audits of companies and enterprises to detect potential risks and threats that result or may arise from the operation of these entities. The scope of the audit is adjusted to the Client's needs and takes into account the character of a given industry.

Litigation and Arbitration

HANTON lawyers represent Clients in courts and before administrative authorities. The Law Firm deals with litigation, arbitration, mediation, settlement and other dispute proceedings, providing comprehensive legal services for companies. We approach each case individually, and our lawyers provide Clients with professional and practical legal advice at all stages of the proceedings.

Administrative proceedings

HANTON Law Firm provides extensive legal assistance in the field of administrative law. The services we offer include consultancy and representation in administrative, court and administrative proceedings as well as administrative enforcement proceedings.

Transactions and contracts

HANTON advises on commercial transactions, both domestic and international. Our lawyers support Clients by advising on all types of business contracts, preparing draft agreements and conducting negotiations on behalf of Clients.

Investment process

HANTON lawyers provide multifaceted legal services to investors and contractors during the investment process. Legal services for the investment process include assistance at various stages of the investment, including legal services in the purchase of real estate intended for investment, preparation and negotiation of agreements with designers and construction works’ contractors.

Construction law

As part of its operation, HANTON provides professional legal services in the field of construction law, supporting Clients at every stage of investment implementation, including preparation, analysis and assessment of construction agreements in particular.

Public procurement

The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal advisory services in the field of public procurement. HANTON supports both ordering parties and contractors applying for the contract awarding procedure by advising in the preparation and implementation of procedures and providing support in appeal proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber [PL: Krajowa Izba Odwoławcza].

Competition protection

HANTON provides legal services including consultancy in the field of broadly understood competition law, practices aimed at limiting competition, practices violating collective consumer interests, unfair commercial practices and acts of unfair competition in particular.

Business succession

Due to a comprehensive insight into the provisions of commercial companies law, civil and economic law, HANTON can offer Clients a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of all crucial aspects related to generational succession in the enterprise.

Environmental protection

HANTON offers legal advice in the field of environmental protection law, including audits in the field of compliance with the provisions of the Environmental Law, the Environmental Impact Assessment Act, the Waste Management Act, the Nature Conservation Act or the Water Law Act in particular.

Labor law

The Law Firm provides legal services in the field of employment relationships in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in large corporate entities. HANTON consulting covers both collective and individual labor law.

Insurance law

HANTON provides comprehensive legal services to insurers, insurance and reinsurance brokers. What is more, we also support the insured parties. We provide legal assistance in the form of legal advice, legal opinions, representation in court and administrative proceedings.

Intellectual property

The Law Firm provides legal services in the field of rightsholders’ intellectual property protection, but also to users who are interested in using works covered by copyright protection. We also deal with the subject of trademarks and industrial property.

Product liability

In terms of product liability, HANTON provides legal services related to product safety and product liability disputes in particular. We support leading producers on the Polish and EU markets.

European Union law

HANTON offers legal advisory services covering various aspects of the functioning of public and private entities based on EU regulations. We specialize in analyzes of primary and secondary law of the European Union and the assessment of its correct implementation into domestic law.