Among our Clients we are able to distinguish insurance companies, insurance and reinsurance brokers as well as insurance agents. We specialize in matters being at the interface between the insurance, transport and real estate sectors. HANTON Law Firm can  provide unique counseling to its Clients in the above-mentioned area.

We also advise insured entities in the event of a legal issue. Based on our experience, we are able to propose an effective course of action to precisely identify risks and lead to the achievement of adequate insurance protection. HANTON lawyers are at your disposal if you need lawyers who understand the character of your business and have knowledge of how to minimize risk.

HANTON lawyers provide the following range of legal services to entities from the insurance sector:

  • drawing up agreements related to the performance of insurance activities in Poland;
  • ongoing legal counseling;
  • developing and assessing internal documentation;
  • advising related to the processing and protection of personal data;
  • preparing and assessing agency agreements for various distribution models;
  • developing and assessing insurance products in terms of compliance with the law, including standard agreements, General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and all insurance documentation in terms of compliance with the provisions regulating abusive clauses;
  • representation of insurance companies, brokers and agents in all court disputes;

HANTON Law Firm operates also in favor of entities benefiting from insurance protection in disputes with insurance companies in the event of a refusal to pay compensation. We advise on claiming compensation from insurers. We analyze the extent to which the insurance covers the incurred damages and support our Clients in choosing the optimal method of calculating the compensation and in submitting claims to the insurance company.