Production and industry

Production and industry

Production and industrial plants are matters of particular concern to HANTON. Their legal service requires specialized knowledge that the lawyers of our Law Firm have. Due to many years of experience and practice in the field of providing legal services for the industrial and production sector, HANTON offers comprehensive services to entrepreneurs who focus on this particular area.

Our lawyers are well aware of the challenges faced by production and industrial plants on a daily basis. Notably, they easily navigate through the legal regulations concerning them and indicate the most effective solutions. At the same time, by following and analyzing the introduced legislative solutions for the industry, HANTON lawyers can recommend in advance the implementation of appropriate solutions that prepare the Client to the change in the law and adapt to the new reality.

Due to the significant experience of the Law Firm's lawyers in sectors such as energy, transport, freight forwarding and logistics, infrastructure and construction or trade and services, HANTON can provide entrepreneurs with production and industrial plants with legal services at a completely different level, higher than commonly available.

The Law Firm provides ongoing legal advice in all areas of law that may relate to business operation in the area of ​​production and industry, with particular emphasis on issues related to the structure and legal form of business, concluding commercial agreements, energy, heat and gas sales agreements, agreements for the supply of production materials, liability for the product placed on the market, intellectual property, including those relating to trademarks and industrial designs as well as combating unfair competition.

The Law Firm also advises industrial consumers on the possibility of implementing solutions that allow them to reduce the costs of their day-to-day operation, including in the field of energy management modeling.