Real estate

Real estate

The real estate sector constitutes one of the most widely regulated sectors and at the same time one of the most fundamental branches of the economy taking into account its limited supply. For this reason, in our practice, we pay special attention to it providing legal services covering the entire life cycle of the property.

We provide our Clients with comprehensive transaction counseling on real estate transactions, including counseling services on a wide range of issues related to the company law as a matter of the transaction structure development. We prepare, assess and negotiate property sale agreements. We draft, negotiate and advise on broadly understood property agreements (lease, tenancy, easement).

We conduct comprehensive real estate due diligence, including the examination of the legal status of land and specific conditions for its development.

We provide supervision over the procedures preceding the commencement of construction works. HANTON lawyers have a history of many implemented projects marked by complex conditions, including those implemented on closed areas or areas subject to a special legal regime.

We have unique experience in the field of infrastructure investments (land and sea energy, seaports, airports, railway lines and public roads), including those implemented with the participation of public and private entities and those subject to a special legal regime (the so-called special acts).

We are ready to solve any problems concerning the real estate sector, including handling litigation before common, arbitration and administrative courts.

In our opinion, modern as well as balanced infrastructural development is not possible without real estate. In the legal environment, this phenomenon transfers into the need to combine industry knowledge with know-how and experience in the pervading areas of environmental protection law and construction law. Due to such a unique combination of multi-sector experience, our lawyers are focused on providing optimal solutions for Clients' businesses and their properties.