Running a business on the regulated energy market is a big challenge since  entrepreneurs have to deal with a huge number of legal standards imposing strictly defined obligations on them as well as with the President of the Energy Regulatory Office [PL: Prezes Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki] who ensures compliance with the principles ruling on the market.

Our lawyers know the challenges faced by energy companies perfectly well. Due to many years of experience gained during the process of providing legal services to the largest entities in the energy industry, HANTON lawyers find the safest and tested solutions, taking into account both the need to eliminate legal risks occurring in the area of ​​the regulated energy market and a business goal that the Client wants to achieve.

HANTON provides complete legal services to the energy sector. The Law Firm offers legal services for energy companies, ranging from obtaining a license, support in the processes of commencing licensed operation, to providing energy companies with ongoing legal services on the regulated energy market and support during innovative projects for their further development.

As a matter of legal assistance we:

  • prepare, negotiate and assess all agreements within the field of energy market such as sale,  distribution, comprehensive, GUD, connection, ESCO and lease agreements in particular;
  • conduct proceedings’ services conducted by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office [PL: Prezes Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki], including license, tariff and imposing  fine proceedings as well as represent entrepreneurs in the appeal procedure before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection [PL: Sąd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów];
  • prepare analyzes and legal opinions in the field of energy law and those concerning energy, natural gas, heat and renewable energy sources market;
  • provide legal support in the area of ​​investment projects aimed at building energy sources - renewable energy sources in particular;
  • conduct transactions involving or relating to energy enterprises, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and transactions relating to assets of energy enterprises;
  • conduct comprehensive legal due diligence of licensed energy companies before their acquisition;
  • conducts restructuring proceedings of energy enterprises.

HANTON lawyers constantly monitor changes in the regulations of the energy sector, including the Energy Law, the Act on Renewable Energy Sources and the Energy Efficiency Act in particular as well as they keep their Clients informed about the consequences of planned changes.

Excellent knowledge of the energy market and the experience gained from advising energy enterprises allow HANTON to provide legal services also to consumers of energy, liquid and gas fuels as well as heat. HANTON's legal support during the process of creating and implementing changes in the energy management of industrial plants is one of our main specializations in the energy sector. We introduce an innovative approach of consumers to the energy market, including by preparing draft agreements for the sale of energy, gas and heat that the consumer can propose to its suppliers.